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hi. i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. we have record-breaking heat. it's got a grip on maryland, with dangerously high temperatures and humidity. the sun is making it downright miserable outside. wjz found one woman outside the harbor staying hydrated and trying to use a book to fan her face. not sure that helped very much. work continued despite the triple-digit temperatures. a work crew used an industrial fan to help them be a bit more comfortable while on the job. >> the trains travel more slowly, causing delays. wjz has extensive first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are here with more on how hot it's gotten and how much hotter it will get. gentlemen? >> hopefully it won't get much hotter because it can't get
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much hotter than this. last report, we came in at 104 at the airport. 100 in d.c. and elkton. but the dew point right now, at 74 degrees, where you combine that with a temperature of 104, makes it feel like 118 degrees on your skin. 122 up in elkton. 118, easton. and only 92 out in oakland. let's take a look at the records. yes,, we broke a record this afternoon smghtsd the previous record was 101. the all-time record, by the way, is 105. we're this close to that. and that was set last year. it's possible in the next 10, 15 minutes, we might actually tie. we'll let you know if that, in fact, happens. tim joins us now with a look at the current warnings in effect for the region. >> watches and warnings are definitely in effect through late tonight. we're not going to lose this heat until sundown. the entire eastern seaboard, up
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and down the 95 corridor, we have severe thunderstorm watches and warnings in place. but excessive heat warnings in place tonight. that is for all of the areas shaded here in purple. again, we have the dew points, the temperatures and warm air, making it unhealthy and uncomfortable. that is in place through late tonight. we also have a code red air quality level in effect for the evening. what we're looking at also, we talked about the severe thunderstorm warnings now for washington county. that is in effect for just another little while. these storms have been moving in very slowly. moving around 10 miles per hour to the southwest. a few more north of the state line. anyone who gets those storms could get very strong storms or gusty conditions for a very short time. they could offer just a little bit of relief. but for right now, most of us are not seeing that. we'll continue to keep you posted if some of those should pop up. we'll also keep you monitored. >> our first warning weather coverage continues. wjz is live. mike hellgren has more on people falling ill in this
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heat. mike, i'm glad to see that you don't have your tie on but that your sleeves are rolled up. >> but i've got long pants on. you can't see it. you can really feel the heat. bge says they're not going to break a record, but this is putting a lot of stress and strain on their equipment. and health officials are going door to door to check on the most vulnerable. >> reporter: a haze of dirty, unhealthy air in maryland, as one of the longest and hottest waves of heat in years settles over the state. creating a dangerous cocktail of heat and humidity. >> people at extremes of age, the really young, really old. and that's because they don't have the compensatory mechanisms that healthy middle- aged people have to ward off the heat. >> reporter: people did what they could to cool down. many headed to the nearest pool. >> it was hot. i got in. soaked for like an hour, hour and a half.
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i'm good now. >> this roofer was checked out,a -- after nearly going unconscious in the heat. >> if it could happen to them, it could happen to you or this lady walking up the street, you need to watch yourself. >> reporter: and a person walking fell down and had to be treated with oxygen and an iv. >> more people die of heat- related illness than all of the other environmental conditions combined. >> reporter: and today, the temperatures are hotter, the stresses on your body greater, the danger is very real. >> and some large electric users, like the university of maryland baltimore have been asked to cut down on their electric use at this point. state police are also going around, monitoring roads for stranded drivers. i'll see you next hour at the pool. >> air conditioners and fans are putting a serious strain on power. how bge is reacting, coming up new at 5:00 and 6:00. now, we have some updated information we want to share
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with you. our weather team has just announced and told us that bwi has hit an all-time record of 105 degrees. that's brand-new from our first warning weather team. please stay with wjz for the updated forecast and any heat advisories, log onto but again, our record of 105 at bwi marshall airport. today's other big story, president obama makes a visit to maryland. vic carter spent the day in college park, and is closely monitoring the talks on the debt and deficit. jessica kartalija covers the excitement of the visit. vic? >> reporter: well, i kai, president obama came here to maryland with a lot on his plate. he's managing wars in iraq, afghanistan and libya. and he's engaged in another battle over the debt. add to that, people came here to discuss their concerns about how they conduct their daily lives. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states.
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>> reporter: mr. obama received a warm welcome here at richie coliseum, acknowledging that each the president is affected by the heat. >> i see there are some folks wearing shorts. my team said i shouldn't wear shorts. my legs weren't good enough to wear shorts. [ laughter ] >> but they talked about the financial crisis looming over the country. >> it's the first thing i wake up and think about in the morning. and the last thing i think about when i go to bed at night. and i won't be satisfied until every american who wants a job can find one and workers are able to pay their bills. >> reporter: some refused to compromise on a deal to reduce the deficit. >> hold on a second. we got a mike. >> do we not use compromise anymore? and what should i teach my students about how our government works, if people are saying out loud, we're not going to compromise with the other party? >> i think you should keep on
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teaching your students to compromise because -- because that's not just how government works. that's how life works. >> reporter: even maryland's members of the congressional del delegation agree that there is a need for civility and cooperation. >> we need to see compromise to the best ability of our nation. and compromise is part of our political process. >> reporter: and of course, every politician we talked to who attended this event is confident that some type of deal will be reached and reached soon. of course, we have eyewitness news. and jessica kartalija is here with reaction to the president's visit. >> reporter: everybody was so excited to see mr. president today. and they say regardless of whether they agree with his policies or not, they were excited just to be in his presence and hear the president speak. >> reporter: the line stretches outside the richie coliseum. as folks eagerly await the arrival of the president. >> it's really special. you don't get to be able to see the president every day.
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so i'm proud to be on our campus and being able to see the president of the united states. >> reporter: the president arrived to talk to a group of 1,000. >> i like to hear his plan of a debt ceiling. i think he's got a good strategy moving forward. and i hope it works. >> i thought it was interesting, the viewpoint that he had to realize that things were already shut down. so the economy needs to be rebuilt. >> i thought he did really well. like i haven't been the biggest supporter of obama, but everything he said made a lot of sense, basically. >> what stood out to you? >> >> me, as a high school student in new jersey, i'm a proud independent but i'm a proud supporter of president obama. he tries to compromise on issues. that's what a president should do. he's calling on national unity. and i think americans americans should join him in that call. >> reporter: people we spoke with say they really appreciated his sense of humor. they made the comment about his legs and how he would look in
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shorts. they say he was very personable. and they also say he was interested in local politics. >> he was all very much interested in speaking directly to these students as well today. we'll talk about that a little more later on. but of course, eyewitness news will continue this coverage throughout this hour and through the evening, until 6:00. back to you on tv hill. >> we'll check back with you in a little while as you said. the senate loudly rejected the gop plan. the vote was 51-46. senator harry reid said the senate will hold off on its plan. reid said he will instead wait for talks between president obama, house speaker john boehner over a broad deficit reduction package. controversial same-sex marriage bill. today, governor o'malley says he's going to put his name on it. governor o'malley told our media partner, the baltimore sun, he would have spotsponsorred -- sponsored the bill this year, if he thought
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it would help get it passed. the measure cleared the senate this year, but it didn't make it out of the house. governor o'malley shows new york's new law shows that americans can protect religious freedoms and have equal civil marital rights as well. let's check on the traffic with kristy breslin. we have delays out there. nothing too intense. but if we're traveling on the beltway, 10 minutes there from southwestern boulevard to liberty road. on the outer loop, you're looking at another 15 minutes, from security boulevard to baltimore national pike. after that, traffic does break free. as far as accidents go, 70 eastbound, an accident there, approaching the beltway. northbound 95, struggling in that direction. in the glen burnie area, an accident there, richie highway at americana circle. and two accidents up in harford county in the bel air area. 5 43 at the 46.
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let's take a live look. as you can see, not a bad drive there. that is the beltway, west of old court road. and there's another look at 50 eastbound, sandy point, no problems continue to the beach this afternoon. this traffic report is brought to you by the maryland science center. come in and experience the summer of irresponsible science. nonstop experiments. all summer long at the maryland science center. >> thank you, kristy. the dew tour is under way in ocean city right now. people are expected to turn out for the extreme competition. hometown bucky lasik. the event took place in oriole park in 2007 and 2008. still ahead at 4:00. >> the more i think of it, sitting up the special group, for the purpose solely of attacking and defending, is of the highest priority. >> in his own words, the
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paranoia former president nixon suffered in newly released audiotapes. a baltimore cop busted for drugs was back in court today. i'm monique griego. we'll tell you why the hearing only lasted a few minutes. >> the packages on the meat you buy are going to change. what they'll include in healthwatch. and the weather is downright ugly outside. triple digit record-blanking temperatures are blanketing maryland. is there any relief in sight?
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a final appeal. a maryland man in prison makes his last attempt to be released. maryland mayor alan gross was arrested and accused of being a spy. gross said he meant no harm to
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cuba's government. he was only trying to give the island's small jewish community greater access for opportunities. the court will decide gross's outcome in the coming weeks. held without bail. the man accused of ambushing and shooting a city police officer, will remain in jail. chay jordan, police say he lured an officer into his home early ther week, by making a fake domestic assault charge. the officer was shot in the hip. he was treated and released from shock trauma. we'll have more on his court appearance coming up new at 5:00 and 6:00. a baltimore officer allegedly busted for selling heroin on duty. monique griego was in court this morning. she has the latest. >> reporter: federal authority say baltimore police officer daniel red was the mastermind behind a major heroin ring that shipped drugs from africa to dillards in the streets of baltimore. court documents obtained by wjz
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showed redd was accused of shooting him while on duty. the fbi arrested him there on tuesday. the results of an investigation prompted by the city police. >> we just can't give quarter to corruption. we can't and we won't. >> reporter: since then, red redd has been sitting in jail. and we have learned that's where he'll stay. his defense attorney decided not to fight to have him released. prosecutors previously called redd dangerous and a flight risk. >> reporter: after the hearing, we spoke to a woman who identified herself as redd's best friend. she didn't want to go on camera or talk about the case. only saying that she was keeping him in prayers. >> reporter: federal prosecutors are speaking out on corrupt cops, saying no one is above the law. >> we hope that sends a very powerful message, that if you carry guns, and deal with a street officer, you're going to face a very lengthy tomorrow in prison.
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>> monique griego, wjz eyewitness news. >> redd does have the right to request another detention hearing at any time fhe wants to be released. a sluggish close to wall street. jeremy piven from entourage. a mix of final reports. dow is down 43 points. s&p 500 up. nasdaq up 24. let's go to new york, where alison harmelin has tonight's cbs money watch update. disappointing results from software giant microsoft, and heavy equipment maker caterpillar dropped radically. stock fell more than 5%. microsoft posted better-than- expected fourth quarter profits. still disappointed for the third month in a row. unemployment rates are up in more than half the country. proof that hiring is slowing down in many parts of the u.s.
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the labor department says unemployment went up in 28 states and washington, d.c. in june. high gas prices and lower output have affected workers. borders has started liquiidation sales. more than $700 million in company inventory, including book, stationary music and movies. going out of business after 24 years. google plus is making serious inroads on the web. google says its wrapped up more than 21 million visitors in the last week. despite that, google's network is still in the beta stage and still by invitation only. that's your money watch, log onto cbs in new york, i'm alison harmelin. >> how much of the chicken you buy in the grocery store is actually chicken?
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a proposed rule would require them to state exactly what's inside poultry, making things like chicken broth and teriyaki sauce clear. those aren't always clearly readable, in fine print. a fan beaten up outside of dodgers stadium. why the man police have in custody is going free. and the insufferable heat just won't go away. meteorologist tim williams has your first warning forecast.
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hello, everyone. i'm vic carter, on the campus of the university of maryland college park, where president obama was here today, a few hours ago. and you know it's a very hot day, when the president starts up by talking about how hot it was. in fact, he told the students here he wished he could wear shorts. trust me, so do i. let's check in with tim williams, our meteorologist. and tim, i understand we tied a
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record today. and do you have on shorts? >> i do not, vic. and i wish i could as well. and as mentioned, we did tie a record both at the airport and in the city. we'll elaborate more in just a little bit. but the record at bwi marshall, 105. the record in the city, 107. and we'll talk about those in just a little bit. right now, what you're looking at are excessive heat warnings until 10:00 p.m. tonight. actually, until 8:00 p.m. tonight. let's see, these have all been changed, until 10:00 p.m. tonight. for all of the areas right in the purple, across the entire wjz viewing area. the one green that you're seeing out in washington county. flash flood warning in place because of the storms that have rolled through. a lot of rain very quickly. and some of these storms very isolated. most of us will not see them. but we will see a little relief when they come through. right now, an excessive heat warning in effect. and a code red air quality in
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effect until 10:00 tonight. 105, the temperature, and the current record, all-time hottest record. these records have been kept at bwi marshall. 105. the heat index has been incredible. right around 118 degrees. the dew point is in the 70- degree range, all day long. relative humidity, at 30%. 29.85 is your barometer reading. 88 right now, in oakland. 91 in cumberland. 79 in hagerstown, where the rain has cooled the air just a little bit. and look at this run of triple- digit temperatures from elkton at 100, d.c. at 100. and 105, at bwi thurgood marshall. the wind coming from the west as we mentioned. and the heat index, in the 1 teen and 120 downtown. 105. we are one of the hottest spots in the entire country right now. we have 102 in boston. and the hot air is going to
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continue to come. high pressure is in control, allowing for that very warm air moving in. it's going to eventually progress down toward us. eventually, by monday, we'll see a better chance of widespread showers and thundershowers. but what we're going to see in the short run, hot, humid conditions. the cooler temperatures take us down into the 90s by the beginning of the week. but we really don't go down too far. even with the temperatures dropping a little bit, we're going to stay up around that 100 degrees, as far as your heat index is concerned. your sunset today is at 8:27. that's when you start to see the heat overnight. down around 80 degrees. will not get lower. tomorrow, back up to 100 degrees. if you're going to the orioles game, 100 degrees at first pitch at 7:05. 100 degrees at the ballpark. >> wow. at 7:05. one of the things i saw, there is a great concern for people
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at night. we shouldn't be worried about people just in the daytime. heat is still a problem at night. >> heat is still a problem at night. with the heat index, even in the 80s, it is close to 100 degrees. definitely at night. the sun is not a factor, but the heat, humidity, dew point is still a problem. >> be careful. >> be careful. don't miss our primetime lineup tonight. followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. bob schieffer has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. every month, americans depend on social security and families to make ends meet. now, they may not get their next check fthe debt ceil -- if the debt ceiling crisis is not resolved. that story tonight on the cbs evening news. i'm vic carter in college park. much more on the president's town hall meeting coming up. mayhem in norway. a terrorist bombing and shooting at a youth camp. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with mary after this.
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it is 4:30. 105 degrees and sunny. hi, everybody. thank you for staying with eyewitness news. i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. chaos in the streets of oz low, 94 way. a city usually associated with peace as a rocket bomb goes off near the prime minister's office. >> chaos in the streets of oslo, after a powerful explosion tore into government offices and surrounding buildings. chaos. police expect the number of dead to rise as they search for
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dead victims. the blast tore through the office the administration. but he wasn't there. another terror attack gripped the normally peaceful country. on an island outside of oslo, a man dressed outside of a peace party dressed outside of a youth camp. several hundred people were wounded. i saw a lot of people running and screaming. so i ran to the nearest building. >> reporter: police believe the two attacks are linked. at the white house, president obama offered u.s. support. >> it's a reminder that the entire national community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring. >> reporter: the bombing is the nation's worst since world war ii. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. manuel tbaleg us, wjz -- gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> it is the deadliest bombing ever in oslo. the city is normally associated with the nobel peace prize that
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is awarded there. the heat wave that caused at least 22 deaths in the midwest, now grips maryland. a record high temperature for maryland. and when you add in the humidity, it feels close to 110 degrees out there. people definitely hitting the water anywhere they can upon to -- can to cool off. and the blazing sun got so hot so quickly today, people hit the pools and the fountains early. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are here with more on the hottest day ever on record in maryland. bob? >> yes, we have lived through history. the hottest it's ever been here. both the airport and the city tied this afternoon. we'll show you that in a second. take a look at temperatures. this is the current reading. in baltimore, we're at 105. that ties the record at bwi marshall. and in the city, it was 107, which is the all-time high, which has also been tied this afternoon. 100, elkton.
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97, ocean city. the dew point is down to 70. but that still makes it feel like 114 degrees out. 122 is the way it feels in elkton and easton, up to 123. let's take a look at the records once again. we have tied in both places, the city and the airport 105. both places. 107 in the city. have been tied this afternoon. tim is in the outback with a look at the warnings that are still in effect that will still be in effect for the next day or so. and the radar as well. tim? >> reporter: well, definitely. the warnings have really been centered around the excessive heat that we have been dealing with. for the most part, the excessive heat warnings have been extended right on through the evening until about 10:00 tonight. we'll start to lose the heat of the day around 8:30, which is sunset time. but the heat lingers and the dew points are still going to be high. so the heat index is going to be high. the excessive heat warning in effect until 10:00 p.m. for the entire purple shaded area there.
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and the code red air quality alert in effect for the entire area well as well. we've had widely scattered pop- up thundershowers as well. and result of -- as a result of that, hagerstown have flash flood watches and warnings in effect. what you're seeing there, just north of the state line, up in york county, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect because these storms have dropped a lot of rain in a very short time. and again, when you get them, you'll start to feel a little relief for a short time. the temperatures may drop but then the steam comes back. and the temperatures take over in a short time. we'll continue to monitor this record-breaking day or at least record-tying day. and bob will have your updated forecast coming up. and stay with wjz throughout the night. both on air and online. for more, go to despite the heat, a record crowd for a town hall meeting, held by president obama, at the university of maryland. vic carter spent the day in
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college park, was in richie coliseum for the president's address. he leads our complete coverage with reaction. vic? >> reporter: well, mary, you can always count on one thing. any time the president comes to town, it's always a whose who -- who's who of politicos. today, people were less concerned about politics and more concerned about the debt situation. but they are confident that something needs to be done and done soon. >> i think it was a very end message, which is, we're going to get through this. we have been in harder times before in this country. we have a lot of smart people working on it. we've got to get above the politics. we will get above the politics. and it's good to see. but it's almost in that campaign mode at the end. it was good. >> reporter: and of course, everyone we talked with, from the governor to a u.s. senator, they all feel confident that there will be some resolution soon. and that maryland will be okay. and that hopefully, then the attention can be refocused on
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domestic issues. i'm vic carter, live in college park. now, back to you on television hill. >> vic, thank you so much. we'll check back in with you in just a few minutes. a maryland politician is fighting against a new synthetic drug. maryland's health secretary is trying to get bath salts on the state's list of dangerous controlled substances. many states have already banned bath salts. it is really a stimulant that can cause nervous system problems. we'll check on the roads now with kristy breslin. we'll. -- wjz. >> harbor tunnel throughway seeing delays in that northbound direction. only from pocheese street to harbor tunnel. northbound 95, still heavy from 32 to 175. back over to the beltway, it's not thinning out at all, actually, on the west side outer loop, about 20 from security boulevard to baltimore national pike. the inner loop, heavy there from baltimore national pike,
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to liberty road. average speed in that direction, about 45 miles an hour. 70 eastbound, we have that accident, attracting plenty of attention at the beltway. and in glen burnie, northbound richie highway, that's closed between americana circle and marley station due to a crash. we also have the accident we're watching north rolling road at sand down circle. you can see traffic moving along just fine there. there's a look, 70, about a mile west of the beltway. everything seems to be fine in that direction. but that is, of gain, after the accident. so your drive should clear up pretty easily. this traffic report is brought to you by hh greg. beat the heat, all air conditioners on sale now. back to you. maryland's top law enforcement official is stepping down. state superintendent, police superintendent retiring after 46 years of service. shersheraton became superintendent and led 2500
4:39 pm
employees. marcus brown currently serves as the head of the maryland transportation authority police. and straight ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00, the mysteries of mars. what nasa's next rover is going to investigate. new evidence sees surveillance evidence. what it shows. and one of the hottest days on record in maryland. our first warning weather coverage continues.
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new york state claims one life and injures 30 others. the vehicle went up in flames when a tractor-trailer crashed
4:43 pm
into the back of a truck. the driver was truck was killed instantly. police are investigating the cause of the crash. >> reporter: despite court orders, prison officials have resumed forcibly medicating the tucson shooting suspect, jared loughner. mental health experts have determined that he is schizophrenic and needs medication to stand trial. authorities say without it, he's a threat to himself. he is on 24-hour suicide watch. court will resume after loughner resumes treatment and is determined competent. new detail, involving a california train station, and a police officer and a 45-year- old man. meg han -- meghan mccorkle has more. >> reporter: this quickly escalates into a deadly scene. check this out. two san francisco officers get off the train. one looks at something and draws a gun out of his back pocket. when two knives and a broken bottle are thrown in his direction. you see it right there.
4:44 pm
the officer fires, shooting and killing 45-year-old charles hill. what the video doesn't show is how close hill was to the officer when he opened fire. mary? >> meghan, thank you. the officer remained on duty while the investigation is being conducted, if the shooting is justified. police arrest two suspects in connection with the beating of a giants fan who was killed on opening day. serene branson with more on this story that has made national headlines. >> we're really just waiting, kind of like everybody else. we know that they have a big job to do. and they have a lot of work ahead of them. and we're just putting all of our faith in the lapd right now. >> they reacted to stunning news jovany ramirez was the first all along. published reports netted other suspects. and sources say they have linked the two to the beating
4:45 pm
of stow. more on this eyewitness account. >> you have to be able to account on your police department to solve crime and put thugs like this individual in jail. >> reporter: in may, lapdch lapd police chief charlie beck maintains that he was responsible for the beating opening day. but ramirez was taken in on a parole violation. and with his attorney saying there was no other evidence and eyewitness testimony, the case against ramirez began to crumble. it's unclear exactly what led to the raid. the elite homicide unit took over. ramirez claimed multiple witnesses, including his daughter, can prove he was not at dodgers stadium the night of the attack. stow remains hospitalized in san francisco. his family revealed that they have been asked not to discuss the case tonight and learned developments in the media. still, his cousin john stow had this to say. >> no matter what happens on that side, it's infer really going to -- never really going to help brian.
4:46 pm
will it possibly help someone else down the line? absolutely. we're really focusing on brian, trying to make him be the best person he can be after such an ugly tragedy. >> that was serene branson reporting. brian stow has extensive brain damage and remains in serious condition. nfl facilities will open doors to players tomorrow, but there is no guarantee the players will show up. the lockout still stands even after the owners approve a new collective bargaining deal with the players. problem is, it's not a deal until the players agree to it. a vote by the players was postponed. players are asking for more time to negotiate added elements to the deal. more financial setbacks for politician john edwards. the federal elections commission is requiring the former senator to pay back $2.3 million in federal matching funds. attorneys for edwards' campaign are appealing the request. in october, edwards will face
4:47 pm
trial, accused of accepting millions of dollars in illegal contributions. just when we think we know everything about richard nixon, newly-released audio tapes reveals the president's paranoia. bill plant reports from washington. >> reporter: it's no secret that richard nixon was obsessed with his enemies. and it started long before watergate. this is one of a series of memos he dictated. >> the more i think of it, setting up a special group, not of cheering but solely and attacking is of the highest priority. >> reporter: nixon grouses that the new white house press room is too overdone. >> and i also believe that walking through the facilities, that we have gone overboard in terms of the elaborate cubicles and other areas that have been set up. >> reporter: and he orders a meeting to stop leaks to the
4:48 pm
pres. >> the main -- press. >> the main purpose of this meeting will now be to get the point across to kissinger. >> reporter: after the watergate break-in, nixon assistant john earlyman was looking for dirt on chairman o'brien. he wanted o'brien's tax returns and complained that it was taking too long. >> i'm very impatient with the way the irs has handled it thus far. >> i'm sorry you feel that way. because let me tell you, i'm busting my gut to do everything to protect the president. >> no, no, wait a minute. >> we are playing with fire. >> reporter: by , had reached the oval office. among the memos also released today, was one of from david gergin on august 7th, with thoughts from richard nixon's presidential speech. >> i shall resign effective tomorrow. >> he made the speech.
4:49 pm
bill plant. >> the library also released more than 5,000 pages of presidential records and several online exhibits. was there ever life on mar. >> nasa hopes their number rover mission will supply answers. they've selected this crater for their landing of rover. the rover is nicknamed curiosity. and it will study to see if it ever had conditions to support life. the craft will land in august of next year. the days of going to a concert or sporting event with a paper ticket in your hand may be np numbered. ticketmaster is looking to go paperless. the new system would have you show your credit card or your smart phone with an image of the purpose. it will also make it difficult to give away your tickets. making weather history today ties a record for the highest temperature ever in maryland. bob turk has the updated first warning weather forecast next.
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that is the only way to stand to be outside for even a minute is to be out of the water. we're dealing with record-tying heat today. >> it may have gone a little higher. they did get to 107. that is the all-time high for this entire region. that was set back in 1936. we're talking, this is the hottest day in 75 years. in this region. at the airport, it's 105 right now. and that ties the all-time record there. but of course, the airports have only been keeping records since the early 1950s. but the city goes way back toaby 70s. let's -- to 1870s. let's take a look now. this is a really impressive
4:54 pm
amount for the region. you will never see it much higher than this, hopefully. 105. the dew point did drop. yeah, it dropped down to 70. humidity is only 32%. all right? phoenix arizona, on a day like today, humidity might be 5%. so you don't even feel that kind of heat. you just really don't sweat that much. west winds at 9. barometer 29.85. 97, ocean city. they did get a little bit of a breeze. but the winds have been generally off the land. that's why it's so hot down there. showers and thunderstorms out to the west of us. 100 in d.c. going to drop the storm right now, approaching northwest washington as we speak. dew point, 70 degrees. woe. that means it feels like 114 there. 118 in washington. 122 on your skin. winds now generally out of the west and southwest. just a ridiculous air mass.
4:55 pm
102, boston last report. back in the 70s and 80s. 98, kansas city. there has been some cooling to our north and northwest. but you see, baltimore, this area, the hottest places in the country. phoenix, arizona. 103. clouds back there. here in the east, we have thunderstorms. and there's a front to our northwest. by sunday night, that front will be in the area. we'll probably get some storms. and behind it, temperatures will begin to fall back to normal. you see the storms this afternoon? hopefully someone will cool down with some of that activity. as you see during the overnight, it stays on the hot and humid side tomorrow. sail thing. h -- same thing. sunday, just a little cooler because of risk of clouds and thunderstorms. on the bay tomorrow, southwest winds around 5 knots. tonight, maybe scattered thunderstorms in a couple of spots. a low of 80, unless it rains tomorrow. back up to 100. probably not a record, but maybe a thunderstorm again in the afternoon tomorrow. so you and i and everybody around here has been moving weather history together.
4:56 pm
>> yes, i like that. >> only on paper. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. record-breaking heat. i'm mike helgren at the druid park pool, to let
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
president obama hosts a town hall meeting on the campus at the university of maryland, college park. dealing directly with the debt and the deficit. i'm vic carter. complete coverage is coming up.
4:59 pm
hi. i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> record-breaking heat, mary. right now, we are sweating it out. in a scorching summer heat wave, baltimore hits a new record high, including taking a dip at the fountains at the inner harbor. that's a must. the excessive heat is slowing down today travel as well. both marc trains are reporting delays because of the high temperatures. and let's take a live look from sky eye chopper 13. you can see that thick haze is just hanging out there over the area now. it's really hard to see anything again because of this haze from the heat. wjz has complete coverage

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